In today’s digitally advanced world, the key to delivering better outcomes is Fiber Optic connectivity. It is rightly at the center of communication and networks. Fiber Optic connectivity comes in all shapes and sizes to fit any organization’s needs. With the steadfastly moving digital generation, connectivity, bandwidth, and redundancy are now available as cloud services and its inexpensiveness enables even the smallest businesses to adopt them.

When it is time to choose a networking partner, you must ensure that a partner has a long term proven experience in designing, deploying and managing single, regional and global networks and this is what ProSplice brings to the table.

We are committed that our Clients be assured they have contracted with the Best Services Available

Fusion Splicing OTDR Acceptance / Characterization Testing

We own and use only the newest Fusion Splicing Equipment…Period!

We are proficient with all types of optical cables in use including Singlemode/Multimode Types including Inside Premise, OSP & OPGW.

Applications include, long distance transport, switch-to-switch, switch-to-patch panel, and server-to-server.

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Emergency Restoration Services

We have performed a very large number of Cable Restorations…

Cut/damaged cables create a disruptive and costly outage situation. We are very proficient in calmly and efficiently managing priorities required to correct these situations and adherence to our “In House Standards & Practices System” has resulted in consistently shorter “downtime” for our clients.

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Design Consulting/ Support Resources/ Contacts Network and “Rain Man”

Due to our experience and familiarity with existing routes, facilities and equipment, we respond to calls from Engineers and Project Managers requesting our input on a variety of subjects including our knowledge of available routes, material specs, regen availability and general feasibility of projects.

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Our Clients

Our dedicated and consistent work has enabled us to build and develop strong and long-lasting relationships with clients.