Fusion Splicing OTDR Acceptance or Characterization Testing

Fusion Splicing

ProSplice owns and uses only the newest fusion splicing equipment. Period! We are proficient with all types of optical cables. We consistently look to improve our techniques to exceed industry standards.

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OTDR Acceptance Characterization Testing

As transmission wavelength range is getting broader and the different fiber types deployed in the field are growing more numerous, it is now becoming critical to accurately characterize the fibers intended to be used.

We have invested in and are proficient with the latest diagnostic equipment to test for:

  • OTDR Acceptance/Optical Fiber Loss Testing
  • Characterization Testing: CWDM/DWDM Chromatic Dispersion, Polarization Mode Dispersion

All equipment is kept properly calibrated, maintained and service ready at all times. Test results are delivered professionally documented and digitally stored. We provide to your engineers the correct digitally documented testing results they need to properly assess the cable and set their switching parameters.

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