Emergency Restoration Services

We have performed a very large number of Cable Restorations…

Cut/damaged cables create a disruptive and costly outage situation. We are very proficient in calmly and efficiently managing priorities required to correct these situations and adherence to our “In House Standards & Practices System” has resulted in consistently shorter “downtime” for our clients.

We are experienced in locating/repairing Aerial, Underground/Inside Premise/DOT/ITS/Security Systems.

We continue to research new ways to reduce restoration time while always providing required permanent lasting repairs.

These practices include best techniques for quickly locating faults and showing up prepared with the right equipment and materials to address whatever situation is discovered to be the issue.

In addition we have available “on call” the necessary required support contractors to provide Excavation Equipment and whatever else is necessary to facilitate a quick and proper restoration.

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Our Clients

Our dedicated and consistent work has enabled us to build and develop strong and long-lasting relationships with clients.