About us

Our Mission

In today’s day and age, the challenge is not tied to finding skilled labor but working with companies that embody a “Dynamic Culture”. A culture that is responsible for engaging and empowering associates into helping them become the “Best Version of Themselves”. At ProSplice, our extremely talented, motivated and capable associates put in their best work to produce the best results. Therefore, it becomes ProSplice’s responsibility to value our associates’ dreams and goals and continue to operate the organization with this mission as our primary guide.

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Our Vision

We are problem solvers and we are excellent in solving unknown challenges that you encounter in the field.

Time and again, our expertise is appreciated by our client carrier managers. With most projects, the typical issues that the client experiences are incorrect supplied engineering drawings, inaccurate cable routes, manholes not marked on drawings, incorrectly documented fiber diagrams, and etc.

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Our Expertise

Our Expertise says we are trusted, capable and experienced in all the critical Fiber Network Environments.

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Dedicated to Our Dad…Gus

Mike and Chris draw from the values instilled in them by their father, Gus, who taught them the importance of staying humble, thinking for yourself, always putting forth your best effort, honoring your word, being responsible for your decisions, owning your mistakes and above all…keeping a sense of humor.

The ProSplice Team

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.


Mike Richard

“I have always been fascinated and a student of “Dynamic Company Cultures...what I have learned is “Culture Matters!”

“A company’s most valued resource is its people...I am always amazed how encouraging and empowering individuals to become the “Best Version of Themselves” is a consistent recipe for success...

Treating people like people, with genuine concern gives them an opportunity to live more fulfilling lives, consistently translates into better Client Experience and ultimately a stronger, more profitable organization...

Interesting fact..., 99% of all companies do not embrace this strategy, however, a Harvard study of 200 companies proved a “Dynamic Culture” equated to a 748% increase in profits over 11 years...go figure”

Co Founder/Managing Partner

Chris Richard

North East Regional Maintenance Manager for G4S which included Transport Cables/Regen Stations/MAC Work/Fiber Cut Restoration

He has solid working relationships with Executives and Field Technicians with Rogers Telecom, Level 3/Century Link, Lightower/Crown Castle, Uniti Fiber, to name a few.

Maintains a strong relationship with MASS DOT, NYS DOT with their Intelligent Transportation Systems installation and maintenance.

Also tasked with the replacement of 500 miles of degraded cable on the NYSTA system....which he accomplished in 18 months and was required to facilitate the Sale of ADESTA to G4s. This included all Travel Plazas/State Police sites/Rest Areas and EZPASS System.

Mobilized and managed crews to assist in closing out the MBI (Mass Broadband Initiative $40M Project) which facilitated Fiber Connectivity to 1100 Government Sites within the State.

Our Clients

Our dedicated and consistent work has enabled us to build and develop strong and long-lasting relationships with clients.