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"Best in Class" Telecom Installations
"Dedicated people, accomplishing the extraordinary!"

Our Mission

To share our systems of Personal and Business success passed on by our Dad so that all people we touch live fuller, more successful lives
"Treating people like people"...

Respect Integrity Attention to client needs Having a sense of humor

ProSplice Associates, Equipped with the
Most Advanced Industry Equipment, trained in
"Best Industry Practices"
Provides our Clients "Real Value"

Our Clients

Our dedicated and consistent work has enabled us to build and develop strong and long-lasting relationships with clients.

Work With ProSplice

We are Committed that our Clients be assured they have contracted with the "Best Services Available"

In addition to maintaining and excellent Safety Record, we are committed to assisting in "Coordination & Problem Solving"

Having 40+ years combined experience in all installations environments, Businesses & Organizations .. we understand how to smoothly facilitate implementation for your individual Business needs.

We understand the importance of closing out projects On Time, Correctly Installed & On Budget with minimal disruption to your Business


NYC Financial Group
W.M. IT Director
16 Floor Riser Install connecting NYC Office to Japan Office

I appreciate how well you coordinated and accomplished the work, since was after hours, was happy when you assured me I would not need to be on site…Great Job!

Landmark NYC Hotel
DK Client IT Services Consultant
DAS Installation

Unbelievable that you had the forethought to efficiently design and plan the install. Also, the fact you chose to install the active ceiling components N/C for the Equipment Contractor…this saved us a weeks time, less disruption for the guests and an extra trip from LA to NYC…I’m buying the drinks!

NY Franchise
T.T Owner
Last Mile Build

ProSplice didn't only complete the project at hand early, but they well exceeded my expectations. Their focus on details and aesthetics are superior to any other company, bar none. I was impressed from the moment they arrived until the moment they left.

Major National Carrier Client
D.D North East Regional Manager
Cell Tower Connections/Emergency Restorations

Outstanding and thanks for the support

R.W. Project Manager

Thanks Chris without a doubt you are dependable

Major National/International Carrier Client
J.F. Project Engineer...
Last Mile Builds

Thank you. Have to say I am impressed with you and you're abilities to get the job done. Thank you Chris & Mike!

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